Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Collection Of Tattoo Designs In Ed Hardy Clothing

By: David

Retro and trend are perfectly combined and the feeling of decadence is well presented in Ed Hardy clothing including Ed Hardy shirts, Ed Hardy jeans, Ed Hardy hats, Ed Hardy shoes, and other accessories. Several patterns like skull, eagle, tiger and snake are employed in Ed Hardys tattoos. Here is a collection of Ed Hardy tattoo designs for appreciation and if possible inspiration.

Ed Hardy, known as "the godfather of modern tattoo", gives the best interpretation of punk culture. By drawing life experience, he has such elements as Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique incorporated into his designs.

Since French designer Christian Audigier cooperated with Ed Hardy, there have been a dazzling line of tattoo inspired clothing. Those tattoo inspired designs have created a colorful street culture.

Dragon is one subject of Ed Hardy tattoos. In Ed Hardy clothing, such as Ed Hardy shirts and Ed Hardy bags, dragon pattern is usually seen. A flaming dragon which looks very fierce gives us a stunning image.

Skull tattoo designs and rose designs are two common elements in Ed Hardys tattoos. Skull, which often appears scary or gruesome, is also looked upon by others as protection from death or as their talisman.

Apart from skull and roses, heart is another element contained in "Love Kills Slowly" design. As to its definition, different people have different interpretation.

Ed Hardys tattoo designs seem to convey some kind of feeling of distinctive mystery. For those who are into this kind of fashion, they may think such designs could help them express themselves from a different perspective.

When it comes to ed hardy, it is not only a brand but also has become a lifestyle trend now. In particular among the youth culture, Ed Hardy tattoos are fascinating to them for vintage style with intricate designs, bold colors and patterns.

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